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When i was studying GCSE and A-Level Computer Science, I realised something.

There weren't, and still aren't, enough usable revisions websites out there for students taking computer science. Our aim is to provide clear, concise and enjoyable revision material for anyone studying computer science at GCSE, A-Level or who just has a particular interest in the subject. Having studied the subject myself, I know of the struggle to find good resourses.

We allow visitors to access 3 topics in each set for free, but ask that a payment be given to view the remaining sections of the site. This includes all the remaining topics, quizzes and any updates that may come to the site.  The majority of funds raised are put back into the site, to provide a better student experience, as well as reach more people who hopefully love our site.


We also offer questions and answers provided in the format of revision cards via our Instagram page. Visit out page by clicking 'more' and then 'Instagram' or by scrolling down.

Please feel free to check out our topics from the main menu, as well as subscribe for as little as £1.50/month, or donate from the main menu.


Thank you and please enjoy the content

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