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Component 1

Data structures

Arrays, records, stacks, queues, binary trees, hash tables & more

Data Structures

Logical operations

Truth tables, Propositional logic, encryption, Boolean expressions, De Morgan's law & more

Logical Operations


Pseudo code, flowcharts, variables & constants, self-documenting, subroutines, operations, recursion, sorting algorithms


Principles of programming

Programming paradigms, object-oriented approach,  syntax, high level & low level languages


System Analysis

Analysis & design, feasibility study, solutions, investigation, methods of changeover, types of testing, maintenance, data recovery

System Analysis 

System design

Approaches to problem of communication, natural language interface, design review, criteria for evaluation

System Design

Software Engineering

Types of software tool, role of appropriate software packages, role of IDE tools, program version management

Software Engineering

Program construction

Translation programs function, compilers , assemblers, interpreters, complication process, translation & execution errors

Program Construction

legal, ethical & moral issues

Social & economic changes, role of conduct, effects on environment & employment, security, privacy, data protection


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