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Humbl3 bakings are a brilliant baking business that are a partner of our website! Be sure to check them out and consider making a purchase to show some support in return of them enabling this content to be maintained!


Humbl3 Bakings is a talented, self taught baker based in London, with a level 2 certification!


About them

 “My name is Troy, I'm a Londoner, going into the adult part of my life. My goal is to become a baker/pastry chef someday, own a business and one day celebrate in the accomplishment of it as I make unique creations and give people unique tastes unbelieved that you can get from some everyday foods. Right now I'm currently working at my first bakery in London, soon to finally be done with generic work and wanting to become some of the boss. While I constantly keeping in touch with skills and finding new things.

I also do some orders from time to time. Usually with close freinds and family. But I also do bakes for customers.

If you want to help out a cause as well as get a tasty cake cupcakes or other desserts you (London only) head to my instagram page: humbl3_bakings to DM or email me. "

Where Can I find out more?

Mail Box 2

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