5 Booming Areas of Computer Science!!

I just thought it would be beneficial to point out 5 sub-fields of Computer Science that are worth keeping an eye on and that will be important in the future. Computer Science as a whole is growing and if you're skilled in any of the 5 areas that I'm going to reveal below then it can be very beneficial!!

Machine Learning:

  • Machine learning is an ever-growing field where computers learn through experience.

  • Over time, the systems become more and more advanced and can their processes can be automated.

  • Current uses include customer segmentation, big data visualisations, fraud detection and more!!! (use cases will increase significantly in the next few years).

Cyber Security:

  • With the increase in internet users, cyber crime has also gone up significantly.

  • Cyber Security skills are in great need because new threats constantly appear and these have significant cost implications.

  • The famous phrase 'if you think expensive cyber security is bad, try cheap cyber security' , is exactly why skilled Cyber Security specialists will be in demand.

Cloud Computing:

  • The whole idea of Cloud Computing is moving company's computing infrastructure online, saving time, money and boosting efficiency.

  • If you're interested then I'd recommend learning more, focussing on platforms like AWS, GCP, Azure.

  • I'd also recommend finding out more about Docker (VM's) and Kubernetes (containerization) as they will be very useful within this field.

Big Data:

  • So much data is collected everywhere (structured, semi-structured, unstructured) that we need to go through it.

  • Big Data focusses on going through all these to find insights and other useful information.

  • Finding these leads to better efficiencies for companies, something in strong demand.

  • This will be needed as the volumes of data significantly increase.


  • 'By 2025, it's estimated that there will be more than 21 billion IoT devices. '.

  • That along signifies that this field is in strong demand, because more and more devices are being created!

Final Things:

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