I 'Completed' the Eduonix Ultimate Ethical Hacking Masterclass and This is How I Found it !!!


So I recently finished this course and I thought that it would be beneficial to share my findings of it, with you guys!!

I'm going to show you +'s , -'s as well as my certificate!

Ethical Hacking is a growing industry 📈 , the demand for skilled workers in this industry is significantly growing📈.

One last thing before I talk about the course; I've found that there are less learning resources in EH, compared to areas like coding and data science. On top of that, this course seems to be particularly well advertised on Instagram by skilled Indian content creators and on face value, it looks amazing.

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So the name does a good job at explaining what it's about. 'Ultimate Ethical Hacking Course' (something you will hear a lot if you buy it!).

It provides a balance between the theory of EH as well as practical's, which often involve using the tools.


Lots of knowledge packed into this course!

Good value for money (Eduonix offer lots of good deals).

Instructor is well knowledgeable and good at breaking things down.


Most content is filmed on a computer using Windows 7 which indicates that it's old. (It should be NOTED that they've released a 2.0 version of this course however that was after I bought version 1.0).

Some of the tools are outdated which can then make it difficult to follow along with some of the videos.


Final Things:

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