I Took Part in the Santander University Online Program and This is HOW I Found It!!!

My Experience of the Santander Student Online Self-Development Program:

My biggest learning from this programme is that I've learnt a whole range of techniques about how to deal with pressure and the break down complex situations!!

My favourite topics from the programme were 'Focus' ; 'Wellbeing and Resilience' and 'Confidence' . I feel as if these topics are all interdependent and that they're integral to achieving goals.

Completing the programme has meant a lot to me; learning from several different individuals!! Now I have so much more knowledge and a large range of techniques to help me in my future career.

I've already started implementing the 'Wellbeing and Resilience' techniques by showing greater consideration to things like sleep, nutrition and exercise. Regarding focus, 1 thing that stood out was to 'only have 1 thing on your desk' in order to reduce distractions.

One quote that summarises my experience of the programme and will be applicable to the future is 'Start by doing what is necessary; then do what is possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible'

Once again, massive thanks to Santander UK Universities, Scott Burnett and Newcastle University for the opportunity!!



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