Make Sure You're NOT Missing OUT on This !!!


Hello everyone, welcome back to the blog, today's post is gonna be a shorter, update post about myself and the platforms I operate on. I just want to remind you all of the platforms I'm on and what I provide so that you don't miss out on anything in 2021!!



This is my secondary blogging platform.

All of the posts you see here also go there so feel free to support them over there too!



This is my Computer Science channel.

Currently I haven't posted anything (yet!!!).

I hope to post my projects and potentially talk about CS topics (more than just typical teaching videos).

Make sure to subscribe so you do not miss that content when it comes out.

CompAndCode Plays FIFA:

When I'm free, I like to play FIFA and I stream it live.

Again, make sure to subscribe as I don't really have a schedule; I just play when I feel like.

Feel free to interact with me during live streams, feel free to ask questions!!

TheNibbleByte Blog:

This platform needs no introduction 😃 ; it's this website.

I'm aiming to continue posting once a week; keep delivering value and growing the platform!! You can expect to see more blog posts relating to Computer Science and trending areas so stay tuned !!!

Feel free to like and comment ; if you have a suggestion (a few people have already done this) then leave it in the comments and you can expect to see that post come out soon!


I post my infographics on Facebook so be sure to like the page.


My Instagram is the first platform I started!

Infographics, stories, polls and networking are what I do there.

It's how I was able to find out about TheNibbleByte and eventually get onto this platform.

I'm aiming to post more consistently!!! I'm trying to get my interaction back!!

Please like/comment/follow over there as that is my main platform.


Similar to Facebook, I post my infographics there also.

I post more frequently on Twitter though; sometimes talking about topics away from CS; it really just depends.

Follow me there:


GitHub is just where I post code from my infographics; I also leave links to deployed apps there too!

One of my goals for 2021 is to contribute more to open source.

If you're interested in programming then this is the place to be !!!