Queues | Learning Data Structures with CompAndCode #4


So in todays post, we're looking at Queues, continuing the 'Learning Data Structures' series!!

I hope that this one provides a lot of value given that the majority of you will mostly likely be students. Understanding Data Structures can be quite tricky however they are integral to the theory of Computer Science and their concepts can be applied to a range of different aspects of CS.


A queue is an abstract data structure (created by the programmer rather than predefined) that works on a FIFO basis.

They're good for modelling real world situations.

Each queue has a front and rear pointer.

Circular queues are a more complex version of linear queues. They're also more efficient however I will touch on them in a future blog post!!


enQueue(item) - Adds Item.

deQueue() - Removes Item.

isFull() - Checks whether or not the queue is full.



Check out this implementation here!


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