What is FireBase And WHY Do I Like It So Much ?!?!?!!


So in today's post I thought I'd talk about FireBase as it's something that I feel everyone can use for their benefit.

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What is FireBase?

FireBase is a BaaS (backend as a service), developed by Google. In a recent blog post, I touched upon Cloud Computing, specifically AWS; mentioning terms like SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. BaaS works in a similar way, using the cloud to handle the backend of an application.

One thing to bear in mind is that FireBase focusses on being a 'mobile platform' whereas AWS is a larger 'cloud platform'. People often try to compare FireBase and AWS however a fairer comparison would be GCP vs AWS (maybe save that for a future post).

Services They Offer:

Authentication - Pretty self explanatory. Connecting your application to FireBase means you can let them handle the authentication process. They have a whole range of options (Google; Email & Password; Facebook...) for you to use.

RealTime Database - This was the first database introduced into FireBase. Like all the other services, it's held in the cloud. All data is stored in a JSON tree, using a NoSQL (key, value) approach (the modern approach) and there are limited queries available. I had the discomfort of trying to learn Java with Android Studio with Firebase's RealTime Database and it was a painful experience.

Cloud FireStore - This is a newer database approach implemented into Firebase and it's more intuitive. Again NoSQL however this one uses a Document, Value approach instead. I've used this approach many times for my React JS projects. Here are links to the deployed apps: https://github.com/compandcode/Clever-Programmer-Assisted-Builds

Storage - Uses the cloud to store files like jpg's. I've only used this once for a 'Snapchat Clone'.

Hosting - Deploys projects to the web applying a suffix domain of ' .web.app/ '.

Functions - Serverless framework to handle HTTP requests or other API requests. I've used this once as part of my Amazon Clone (see the link above)!!

Machine Learning - New addition to Firebase allowing you to train and deploy models, using TensorFlow. I don't have any experience of this, as of yet.

How Have I Used It?

As stated above, I've used it for 1 Android project and a range of React JS projects. I've used Authentication, Hosting, Cloud FireStore and Functions before.

Why I Like it So Much?!?!

It's so easy to use!!

The docs are super helpful and it's quick to setup, compared to AWS.

Very powerful also.

Final Things:

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