What on EARTH is Amazon Web Services (AWS) ?


So in one of my previous blog posts, someone commented saying that they wanted to see a post about AWS (shout out to them! and if you want to see a particular blog post then let me know!).

I'm not an expert on AWS however I have some experience of it and will try my best to explain it well.

One more thing to point out is that AWS is so big that it will be almost impossible to cover all of it in a single blog post. If you're interested in this topic (I certainly am! and Cloud Computing as a whole is a growing field) then I suggest that you do some further reading elsewhere.

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What Actually is It?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a Cloud Platform, operating a range of different services.

Some of the categories of service's included are SaaS, IaaS and PaaS so lets break them down:

SaaS - 'Software as a Service'. AWS allows you to build and deploy your product in the cloud, for customers to access on a subscription basis.

IaaS - 'Infrastructure as a Service'. AWS allows you to scale your resources, protect data and take advantage of 'Dev Ops'!!!

Why Do People Use It?

In short, the main reason is because it makes things easier!!

Moving your business' infrastructure to the cloud makes things faster, more efficient and more scalable. For example, rather than spending $$$ on physical servers/ other infrastructure; you can store all your resources 'in the cloud' using AWS.

What are Some of the Most Common Uses?

Netflix uses AWS for storage and database analytics. Given the large scale of Netflix, you can see why they use AWS and the cloud over trying to do it all themselves.

Coinbase use AWS for secure deploys/rebuilds. Essentially getting their products out faster. In an ever changing market involving stocks/cryptos; saving time is essential!!

Ref: https://aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/

Where to Learn?

I would strongly recommend you to checkout AWS Educate which allows you to do a whole range of courses, related to AWS.


Once gaining badges from AWS educate; the next step would be to get certified:



Lots of tools available! High capacity (for storage).

Encryption (boosts security).

Trustworthy (ran by Amazon and used by the likes of Netflix and Coinbase).


Limitations: For beginners it may be difficult to use at first.