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Our Quizzes take no longer than 5 minutes, but attempt to cover the key aspects of the specified topics. After receiving your score, if you got below 90%,  you will be offered to visit the topic page to find the correct answers, and then retry the quiz later.

It's important to recognise that these quizzes are only a guideline, and not a complete way to recognise your knowledge. We recommend  attempting past papers, which can be found via the menu, in order to answer the longer, more difficult questions.

The quizzes are available to members only, but a short example one is available below.

We are mom and son dairy free baking team. We have been dairy free for just over a year.

Social media and online groups have helped us loads in recommending new foods try, recipes and replacing some of our favourite snacks. We want to give back to all those who have helped us and many more along the way.

Join us at @_cinnaholicbakes where we share our weekly bakes, recipes and favourite treats for you all to try. Regular updates of the latest dairy free foods, instore and online offers.

Baking is love made edible!

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