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Jamie Clark


'The website is perfect for anyone currently studying computer science for GCSE. It has all the necessary topics and sections you'd need for the test. It's easy to navigate and the layout is both clean and easy-going!


Ben Seer

'I showed it to my teacher and she said it looked amazing and that i subscribe if I've got the spare money. Thanks for telling us about this resource!'




'The sets seem very useful! Data structures was always a tricky topic so good to see that here'

'There are very concise and a good use of bullet points. I love the quizzes and past papers too!'

'So overall, a great website with lots of useful information'

Tom Croft

'These revision resources have been such a big help for my work. I was struggling with my workload but these easy to follow resources have helped me with my studies. I would definitely recommend them to a friend, or anyone looking to supplement their learning with simple but effective support.'




'Big fan of the page. i think it's really useful for revision, or even just consolidation after a hard lesson! I will definitely be recommending this to my friends with exams coming up!'



Joe G

'The professionalism of this page is astounding; not only does it contain an abundance of useful resources, but presents it in an easy-to read, simplistic and useful manner. I’d thoroughly recommend this website to any aspiring computer scientists!'


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